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Prescription Transfers

  At one point, you may want to transfer your prescriptions to another  pharmacy, for example, after you move. This can be done for most  medications when you have a valid prescription. Find out more about this  useful service.                          

Medication Review

 Health and medication are complex subjects! It’s often difficult to get  the information you need and can trust. Fortunately, your pharmacist can  provide you with a medication review to explain each of your  medications in detail.                          

Personal Medication List

 Your pharmacist can provide you with an updated list of your medications  at any time. Also called a medication record, this list includes the  names, strengths and dosages of your prescriptions on file. Don’t  hesitate to ask for your list!  

Home Visits

 Your pharmacist provides many services to help monitor or manage your  medication. To provide these services, your pharmacist needs to meet  with you in person, which can be difficult or impractical. The solution:  ask for a home visit!                          

Advice about Natural Health Products

 Contrary to popular belief, natural health or homeopathic products  aren’t automatically safe. Any product can have side effects or cause  drug interactions. Ask your pharmacist for advice!                          

Medical Waste

 After cleaning out your medicine cabinet, you may have a collection of  expired and unused medications. What do you do with them? Don’t throw  them in the garbage or flush them down the toilet! Instead, return them  to the pharmacy.                         

Compliance Packaging


                       Do you find medication labels hard to read  because the print is so small? Ask your pharmacist for labels in larger  print. You’ll see things much more clearly!                     


 Starting April 1, 2019, children and youth age 24 and under who have  OHIP coverage, but do not have a private plan will be eligible for  OHIP+: Children and Youth Pharmacare